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Reiki Healing Consciousness Mindfulness Coaching in Mumbai Sanjeevani Healing
Sneha Pandey

Sneha Pandey

Reiki | Mindfulness Coach | Healing Facilitator | New Energy Teacher

Reiki Healing Consciousness Mindfulness Coaching in Mumbai Sanjeevani Healing

Short Description

Healing Facilitator, Reiki Grandmaster, New Energy Teacher, Mindfulness Coach in Mumbai





Sneha Pandey has over 20 years of experience helping people on their path to emotional alignment and healing as a Reiki grandmaster and mindfulness coach. 

She has helped numerous individuals overcome chronic illnesses, anxiety, tension, and depression with her expertise in energy balancing. She encourages people to develop their consciousness and gain a better spiritual understanding of both themselves and the world around them through her caring approach. 

Sneha is committed to helping her customers find inner peace and harmony in their lives as well as resolve relationship problems.

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Relaxation and Reiki

Master of Reiki and mindfulness Sneha Pandey welcomes students from all backgrounds to join her on a life-changing path of personal development that addresses relationship problems, chronic illnesses, anxiety, stress, and despair.

She uses mindfulness to help her clients overcome anxiety, reduce stress, and develop present-moment awareness. She uses Reiki to balance energy, heal physical, mental, and emotional ailments, as well as to encourage emotional alignment.

Through consciousness growth fostered by Sneha's holistic approach, clients get a greater understanding of both themselves and the interconnectedness of all things. With Sneha's skill in mindfulness and Reiki, discover inner peace and well-being in a loving and supportive environment. Experience healing for emotional disorders and spiritual development.

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